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Terms of Use

As part of the efforts exerted by Qatar Digital Government (QDG) to support the digital transformation in Qatar, in line with the objectives set by its 2020 Strategy, QDG is organizing the Digital Government Excellence Award 2019. The Award seeks to highlight the best government entities that can make outstanding contributions and achievements resulting in a significant transformation in daily operations and growth of the nation's digital economy.

The Award aims to instill a culture of excellence and positive competition between government entities in the field of digital transformation and the development of digital services by harnessing modern communication and information technologies in order to provide the best services to all categories of beneficiaries.

QDG has developed and launched Qatar Digital Excellence Awards Portal (Referred to as the "Portal"). The Portal allows government entities (Referred to as the "User") to create their accounts and submit their entries to apply for the Award, as per the Award’s terms and conditions defined on the Portal. In addition, the Portal allows jury members to review and assess the applications submitted by government entities.

The terms of use set forth below (Referred to as the "Terms of Use") govern the User's access to the Portal to be acquainted with and to use all information, documents and submission forms available therein, in all forms and contents, and to distribute, save and process such data and carry out all other related transactions.

Accessing and Using the Portal

The User may access the Portal to be acquainted with and to use available features. The User acknowledges that data and information that the User enters in the Portal (if required) is true, accurate and complete and that the User shall not attempt to access the Portal using another person’s name or identity.

The User undertakes full liability for all provided data and information to access the Portal and use it.

Important Notice

By accessing the Portal, browsing its contents or making any transactions therein, the User has pre-agreed and accepted to be bound by all the following terms and conditions without any objection.

Data Compatibility

The User is solely liable for the validity and correctness of the data provided by the User (if such data is required) and for guaranteeing its compatibility and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

The Portal’s administration reserves the right to examine User’s data and all submissions to ensure its compatibility and compliance with the applicable laws and regulations in the State of Qatar.

The Portal Approved Security Standards

All media, devices, programs and systems employed by the User to save, process or transmit data and the like must be compatible with QDG approved security standards. The User shall apply, whenever applicable, appropriate measures to ensure the validity and integrity of this data and to prevent any unauthorized access to, or use of, such data.

The Portal’s administration shall have the right to process, transmit or save data in Qatar or any other country if saving of such data so requires. By using the available features, the User shall be considered as agreeing and accepting such processing of data by the Portal’s administration.


Confidential information that may be acquired by the Portal’s administration, the concerned government entities, or the Users, from each other, when executing these Terms of Use, shall not be disclosed by receiver of such information except to its subordinates, agents or professional advisors, who need to know such information.

The receiver of confidential information guarantees that those individuals will use such information only to exercise those rights and to perform those duties entrusted to them and shall exercise due care to maintain and preserve the confidentiality of such information.

Notwithstanding any provisions to the contrary in the Terms of Use, the receiver of confidential information may disclose such information to the extent required by the laws of the State of Qatar or judicial rulings issued to this effect.

QDG shall have the right to seek compensations from the User for any damage it incurs as a result of the User’s failure to comply with its obligations in respect of confidential information acquired by User in the course of using the Portal, without prejudice to QDG's right to block Users’ access to, and use of, the Portal.

Lawful Use of the Portal

The User agrees to access and use the Portal for lawful purposes only. The User shall make all the necessary investigations to familiarize itself thoroughly with all the laws and regulations applicable to and governing the use of the Portal.

The User shall comply with all the laws, rules and regulations applicable to the Portal and agrees to indemnify and hold QDG harmless in respect of any breach of such laws.

By accessing the Portal, the User agrees to refrain from committing any acts or deeds that may conflict with the Terms of Use of the Portal including, but not limited to, the following:

- Using the Portal with the intention of committing a felony or instigating others to be accomplices in actions that might be considered as criminal offence or involve civil liability.

- Posting or publishing any illegal content comprising discrimination, libel, abuse, harassment or defamation, or using the Portal to impersonate other persons or parties.

- Using the Portal to upload any materials or programs containing viruses, computer codes, files or programs that might alter or obstruct the functioning of the Portal, or any device or program that belongs to any person that accesses the portal, or altering, destroying or deleting the Portal’s contents.

- Uploading, inserting, sending or otherwise transmitting by any other means any material that the User has no right, under any law or contractual relationship, to send, or the deliberate disabling of ordinary communication lines in any way.

- Publishing or transmitting any advertisement or publicity material or any form of promotion, or publishing any material that contravenes, or conflicts with, the intellectual property rights of others, or gathering or saving any personal information about other people.

- Publishing or transmitting any material or information that contradicts or conflicts with, sacred canons or the customs or dominant traditions in the State of Qatar.


In coordination with the concerned government entities, QDG may occasionally update or modify the Portal, either, by updating, adding, or deleting, any of the articles in the Terms of Use, applications, tools or features available at the Portal.

QDG or the concerned government entities shall inform the User of these updates or modifications by publishing them on the Portal. These updates or modifications shall be effective immediately upon their publication whether they apply to new or existing features unless another effective date for the commencement of respective updates/modifications is mentioned on the Portal.

The User agrees, without any limitation, reservation or condition to any modifications that may be introduced to, or removed from, the features available on the Portal. In case the User does not agree to the modified conditions or features, the User shall immediately stop using the features available through the Portal.

Links to Other Websites

To facilitate things to the User, the Portal may provide links to other portals or websites that are not operated or controlled by QDG. Accessing these other portals and websites if any is subject to terms and conditions specific to them and User's access thereto shall be without any responsibility or liability of QDG.

Copyrights and Intellectual Property Rights

QDG does not give any warranties or assurances with respect to preservation of any copyrights or intellectual property rights of the User or any other party as regards the use of the Portal.

QDG reserves the right to respond to any notifications relating to alleged violations of copyrights or intellectual property rights through the Portal's email address:

In addition, it is not permitted for any user or party to use, utilize or leverage the Portal or its contents or whatever without written approval from QDG or the concerned government entity.


The User shall not, by itself or through its subordinates or others, carry out or allow copying, modifying, reverse programming, designing, editing, translating or disassembling, or otherwise any other attempt to extract all, some or part of the source codes of the features and/or contents provided through the Portal, or sublicense, resell or distribute any data, without a prior written approval from QDG or the concerned government entity.

Monitoring Content

QDG reserves the right to monitor and sensor any content introduced by the User, and shall have the right, without any obligation in this regard, to delete or remove any introduced materials that may infringe on the Terms of Use.

Warranties and Liability

Except for what is expressly provided for in these Terms of Use, and to the maximum allowable limit under the Qatari laws and regulations, QDG does not give any other warranty of any kind whether express, implied or required by law, or otherwise, including data security, freedom of contents and/or features from errors being uninterruptible and anything relating to merchantability of offer, fitness for a specific purpose and/or non-infringement.

QDG shall not have any liability or obligation as regards deletion or failure to save any data relating to the User or any other correspondence/communications saved, stored or transmitted through the Portal’s features.

Conceding Warranty

The User should clearly understand and agree that its usage of the Portal, or any material made available through it, is performed under the User's sole liability. QDG does not provide any warranty that the Portal will be free from interruptions, obstructions, deletion, or errors. Additionally, no warranty or representation is made as regards any results to be achieved or obtained from using the Portal.

Force Majeure

QDG does not undertake any liability for failure or delay in the performance failure or delay occurs due to circumstances beyond its control.

Additionally, QDG does not assume any liability in the event of any emergency accident based on which (in the circumstances) the QDG or the concerned government entity suspends or disables the Portal automatically, or any of the features available on it.


QDG shall have the right to terminate the Terms of Use of the Portal without having to give any reasons and does not assume any liability towards the User resulting therefrom with respect to all or any part of the Portal. QDG, however, will publish the termination of any content or feature on the Portal, and such publication shall be considered sufficient notification to the User.

The Governing Law and the Competent Court

The Terms of Use shall be subject to the applicable laws and regulations of the State of Qatar, and shall be interpreted and construed in accordance therewith. Only the courts of Qatar shall have the exclusive jurisdiction in respect of any dispute that may arise from applying these Terms of Use, or which relates to these Terms of Use or their interpretation or the interpretation of any one of their provisions, or arise simply on the occasion thereof.

Accessing the Portal shall be considered as an undertaking by the User that the User has read and understood the Terms of Use above and agrees to be bound by them.