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Qatar Digital Excellence Government Award is a competition, which gives government entities the opportunity to showcase their digital services or solutions that have contributed in a significant transformation in daily operations, supporting the country’s vision to build a knowledge-based economy. Entries will be evaluated and initiatives will be selected, based on their greatest impact in delivering services to the targeted audience, by an eminent panel of jury members who have been pioneers in their respective fields and have achieved a special contribution in the development of Qatar.
Qatar Digital Government (QDG) Steering Committee is the organizer of Qatar Digital Excellence Government Award.
Government entities in Qatar only can apply.
First, you have to submit a registration request on the Award website, filling out all the necessary project (s) details and the category (ies) relevant to your submission. Afterwards, your request will be reviewed by the responsible administrator, and you will receive an email within three (3) business days to update you regarding the approval status of your request.
Once your request gets approved, you have to login in the Award website, visit the Categories page to select the category (ies) relevant to your submission, and fill out the nomination forum (s) of the award.
You can reset your password through this link by adding your username or email address, then checking the message delivered on your Inbox, and following the necessary instructions.
Out of the seven (7) categories of the Award, you could submit three (3) different applications under three (3) different categories. The entity cannot submit the same application under more than one category.
Yes, you should attach all the necessary documents, reports, videos, power point presentations, and any other materials that support your submission.
Yes, the data in your application will be treated with strict confidentiality.
Submissions start on September 8, 2019 and end on October 12, 2019. Any submissions after the end date will not be accepted. Please note that the winners will be announced during the Award ceremony in March 2020.
Winners will be announced in the Award’s ceremony that is in March 2020.